Tuesday, November 22, 2011


this weekend, i was hell bent on getting 'the christmas card picture'.
i really wanted a family pic, but i figured, that no one who gets the cards really cares about how adam and i are aging, and widening...they just really are entertained by the girls.
i got them dressed and once again traipsed to the backyard.
it was a windy day. i mean windy.
i prayed HARD that it would be an easy job.
the first picture i snapped was this one....

 seriously, if i wasn't as stinkin' conservative as i am, i would totally use this one as our christmas card picture.
but, i can't do it.
i think it very well, could be my favorite picture EVER!(but, i think i say that often...)
my word, if you don't laugh from the gut on this one....something could be wrong.
~chat soon!
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  1. Sara-- love your blog. I must say this photo just gave me a good laugh. Hope you got the perfect Christmas card picture given the wind. LOL

  2. I think you can send it! Seriously, how refreshing to get the real deal and still be stinkin' cute!

  3. USE it! Also, some of us LIKE to see the whole family, not just the kids. Just sayin'....