Tuesday, November 1, 2011


here is a little review of miss kate's 4th birthday.
she had a blast.
kate is so easy to impress.
i love it.
i was sharing with my mom on saturday that when anne was younger i would sneek around the day of the party and not put any decorations up until she was napping then it would be a huge surprise when she woke up...
saturday, after a soccer game, i had 45 minutes basically before the guests came.  i still needed to get decorations of some sort.  i flew to the store.  the kids jumped out of the car, i bought the balloons, plates, tablecloth, napkins, all in front of kate, threw them back in the car and she HELPED me set the table.
i swear.  i don't know if i have been able to let things go, or have just LET THINGS GO...ugh.
either way, she was in love with the whole shee-bang.

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