Saturday, November 26, 2011

3 days in review...updated

we made pilgrim hat cookies
first you have to separate the yellow and orange m & m's

you need some fudge stripe cookies (or generic i bought...)


and peanut butter cups...i forgot the original picture

push gently on the pb cup on the bottom of the cookie

one of my students brought these darling cookies to class on Tuesday.
i decided we HAD to make them.
after you separate the me &m's...and eat a few...
you put a dab of icing on the bottom of a Reece's pb cup (after you de-wrap them)
then place the cup on the bottom of the cookie.  press just hard enough so the icing spreads out.
then a little dab of icing on the m & m (or directly on the pb cup) and 
VIOLA! you have a pilgrim hat.
they are quite tasty if i do say so myself!
 Then we made the traditional wednesday before thanksgiving pecan pie.  we needed to make two pies. perfect two girls. until i realized i only had enough corn syrup for one pie. lovely sara.  so we made one and called adam to bring home another bottle of corn syrup when he was on his way home from work.

 after that was nap time.
kate woke up from her nap and was not quite right.
she was complaining of a tummy and back ache.
she laid on the couch for awhile...
i checked on her several times.  i asked her if she needed to go potty.
she said yes. (whew, i thought...nothing to worry about.)
she sits up and starts WRETCHING!  all over the blanket, pillow (decorative, of course) couch cushion, and ME!
after finding anne in the fetal position in the laundry room, hosing myself and the couch off, throwing the pillow away, and bathing kate, i realized she ATE TOO MUCH RAW PIE CRUST! lovely.
no salmonella.  just a yucky tummy.
okay fine.  we went on with the night with no more trouble.
praise the LORD!
On to Thursday....
We have Adam's family for lunch and my family for dinner.
Yum. Always so much too eat. I love it.
Adams cell phone rang, he gave it to me, it was my mom.
"Are you all doing anything tomorrow night?"
Weird, I thought.  We don't usually plan ahead and odd that she was calling during Thanksgiving, but no big deal really.  Then it hit me...SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH SOMEONE!!!!
yep, i was right. My Aunt Linda, who happened to be celebrating her birthday on Thanksgiving, was taking a morning stroll, and took a spill...she had almost definitely broken her arm.
Thanksgiving for my family...was postponed.
I hated not being able to see my family,I hate even more that Aunt Linda was hurt.
We spent a lot more unexpected time with Adam's family, which was relaxing.
We will have Thanksgiving at Aunt Linda's very soon...
I took almost no pictures, I was busy visiting, and helping.  (and sipping delicious holiday drinks. ;) )
sweet anne with the love of her life, cousin devon
This is what you call the...sara, will you bring the tripod for a family picture? we haven't had one in several years...oh sure. no big deal.  only to find out that PHIL is completely out of focus AND the amount of light caused the room to look very foggy in the picture.  Hopefully a certain sister's father in law will do some photoshop magic and get this all in tip top shape. 

better.  i didn't have it on the tripod.

the only proof we ate

don't you think he is thinking 'if only my wife let us have another baby'. ;)  
 Black Friday...
we don't do shopping on black friday.  i don't snub people that do. it's just not my thing.
i did however, get up early, and do internet shopping, in my jammies, with no crowds, traffic, or noise.  it was nice.
then i took the girls to the zoo.  it was a beautiful day.  i couldn't resist.  we had a blast.

beautiful fall day

the baby elephant kenzie.  born at 100 pounds. makes my 10 pounders look like mice! :)

couldn't find her...couldn't remember what she had on for a spit second...then i found her on top of the slide.

lovin' the jungle gym.

 We got home, put Kate down for a nap and then Anne and I went out and did the Christmas lights on the front bushes.  She played sidewalk chalk and helped me untangle lights.  I tell ya....she's the best! :)

I almost forgot about this part....

Last night, we went to my mom and dads.  We had fried chicken, and some of the sides we had prepared for the original Thanksgiving dinner, that wasn't.  It was a blast, we laughed, ate, played bingo with everyone, and let me tell you folks, that game gets intense! :)  Good, bad, otherwise, it has been a weekend filled with things to be thankful for.
Today, taking the chicks to see Arthur Christmas....thought we would jump start the holiday spirit!

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