Wednesday, November 23, 2011

a story about calendars....

Have you ever read Memories on Clover Lane?  She is really a cool chick.  Have I ever met her in real life, well no.  But, I think I would really enjoy her.  I visit her blog often.  I should put her on my favorites list...but for some reason, I want to keep her to myself.  Isn't that strange.

Yesterday, I read her post about calendars.  I cracked up.  I save my calendars.  Most of them.  Especially, since I have had the girls.  I relish them.  They are a living journal to me.  Every New Years Day, I sit down with a brand new calendar(and a headache, either from too much fun the night before, OR the schedule that is about to commence) I love it.  I write down birthdays, anniversaries, things I marked in the 'future' section of the calendar to be put in the upcoming  i love a new calendar.

Sometimes, when I am cleaning, I run across a calendar and I sit, for a very long time, (to avoid the cleaning) and read through each month, each day, and relive the time.  Weird. I know.  Some of it is good....some of it is bad.  It's cleansing for me....before we had the girls, and were thinking of making a family, i became neurotic (who knew?!) and would track my temperature (on a chart....if you can imagine) to see when i would ovulate...i would map this out with a fine tooth comb.  guess how long it took me to get pregnant with anne?  well, we didn't techinally try, i don't think i finished the calendar tracking....before i knew it i saw a double line!  weird. then, when the chicks were babes I would write down the weight of their monthly appointments, if they slept through the night, if they liked pears, when they started the sitter.....(a side note....i kept a super tedious calendar on anne, her whole first year.  when my sister had ellen, she wanted me to refer to the calendar, which i often called 'the manual'....guess what?  IT IS NO WHERE TO BE FOUND!....i turned this house upside down....i think it got tossed in a adam new years resolution cleanse.)  luckily, i made her scrapbook before the calendar got...tossed (gasp).

I found it interesting how Sarah marked weight gain and pregnancy milestones in her calendar.  I did the same thing.  Sometimes the days weren't happy...but they were still days I/we lived through that have made us who we are today.  I love seeing her post, because it was reassuring to me.  It proved that I should NOT get rid of those ding dang calendars, no matter how much space they may take up.  Someday, my chicks will come across of the girls, (kate) will say OHMYGAWD....MOMSAVEDALLHERCALENDARS!  and the other one (anne) will get misty eyed, and read through each page. 

My mom has been giving me this super cool thick calendar for the past two years.  each week has a motiviational message on's just cool.  i know in this day and time it is not super cool to pull a paper calendar out of my purse....but it works for me. If I used the phone calendar, I wouldn't be able to turn the pages on the first of January and see all the beautiful blank pages and time that is ahead of me.  I know, it works for some, but for this old conservative, weirdo, i like my paper, thank you very much! :)

In the end of this long, silly, post, I guess I am just justifying why I save those silly calendars and have never parted with one SINCE the one that got tossed, accidentally.  I love each and every day, be it good or bad, we are dealt the's all in what we do with it.

On that note, enjoy your day before Thanksgiving duties.
~chat soon!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Sara...I am thankful for your blog...jt

  2. May you never be without internet again......THANKFUL for the "return of the blogs"!! ;)