Thursday, November 17, 2011


it's been a week.
adam has been sick since mid october. finally went to the doc.
2 inhalers and a antibiotic and i think he is starting to 'look' better.
anne's first grade has been infested with lice....we are clear.
so far.
oh, don't forget the second daisy girlscout meeting..
.it wasn't bad, not great, but it's getting better...
there has been some hurt feelings in anne's classroom.
she has been the one hurt. it's been super hard.
i have had a stomach ache since last thursday.
i think we have the issue remedied but it's hard to stomach.
i cried, outloud, to my mom. (not a norm for us)
i'm pretty sure she cried a little too.
it's an ugly cycle isn't it? this parenting thing.
adam bought another simple terms, he bought the rights to the customer list of an embroidery company in the area that is going out of business/retiring.  more work, less time.  it's good, but still hard.
people have been diagnosed with cancer this week...people i am not directly involved with, but people that are loved by people i know. it stinks.
a very young mother, in a rageful fit, killed her child.  near where i grew up, my parents home.  it's horrible.  she killed, she lied, she doesn't seem sad. 
it made me ill. physically ill.
everyone in the area has their mouth open, hanging in disgust.  it's horrible.
it's just been a little heavy here this week. 
i'm ready for the weekend.
the only thing on the which is a good place to be after such a craptastic week.
and possibly a good ol' fashion fish fry with my momma and pappa.  nothing more exciting.  should i remind you of this....
~chat soon!

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