Monday, November 14, 2011

4 years

i don't know why...but i am with this.  tried to crop it, maybe edit a little. nope, went back to it's original state.  something about the background and how large it looks, and how small, yet grown up she makes my heart swell. 

those wheels are turning!  you can SEE THEM!

being 4 at her finest! :)

kate has the cutest, sweetest, giggle.  if you know her, you know what this picture *sounds* like

i think this one is going to be on a canvas...

kate turned 4 the end of october.
i realized i didn't have a good picture of her for her fourth.
i got her dressed yesterday morning, threw some sweats on myself, a jacket on anne...out we went.
to the backyard.
kate was very excited, for about 3 minutes.
just enough to capture some great photos of her EXACT personality.
she is such a ham bone.
i love her.
on a side note, i have been researching, and wanting to learn the 'manual' setting on my camera.
it is supposed to improve the quality of the pictures.  but i will have to think before i take it, not just snap away.
i tried with kate. it was easier then i thought.
i'm sure a true photographer is giving a big thumbs down, but if i can say...i thought they turned out pretty darn cute!  and i'm the mom, so that is all that matters.
aren't you glad i have the internet again?! HA!
~chat soon!
sorry about the picture comments, i am feeling mushy today.
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  1. Lovin' me some "Katy-bug"

  2. you are a "pro"!!! All your pictures tell a story and that what it is all about, isn't it?! Love the glasses close up the most I think...